I do not heal anyone. I am just a man. The one who cures is God, who, in his infinite kindness, allows the Entities that assist me to provide to you, my brothers and sisters, healing and comfort, while I am just an instrument in his divine hands…–John of God (Medium Joao)

For almost 40 years, millions people from all over the world have visited the tiny village of Abadiania, Brazil to see the most well-known mediums alive today.

If you are looking to heal your body, your emotions, your soul, in Casa Dom Inacio you will have a chance to experience a powerful healing energy from Loving Light Beings working through the Medium Joao - directly with you 24/7 during your stay in Abadiania. That's why I choose the abbreviation HEFA, which stands for Healing Energies For All.

If you are a healer or a medium, this is a chance to recharge yourself and to connect to this miraculous place with its incredible soft and gentle energy. Whether you spend time in the "current" room or walk to the Sacred Waterfall, you will feel that loving penetrating energy of the entities that are working with your body and spirit.

Tatyana was very helpful during my first trip to Abadiania. Because of her frequent visits to this holy place for many years, she managed to do a lot of internal work herself and can now show this path to others. Arriving for the first time, i was feeling a little lost. It's very unusual place and a new experience. Thanks to Tatyana, I was immediately introduced in the course of the Casa, and retained a lot of time concentrating directly on the purpose of my visit. Tatyana took care of all organizational issues for me. Tatyana struck me by her charm, a deep understanding of what is happening and more importantly, her enormous loving energy. I strongly recommend the use of her services on this journey. I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised!–Ella T. Jena, Germany

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